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Going Caribbean at Turtle Bay

Going Caribbean at Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay has cemented itself as a fun place for a taste of the Caribbean right here in Leamington. Whether it’s a jerk-flavoured feast or some Caribbean-inspired cocktails, the Regent Court-based restaurant has become a firm favourite. While I’m a more than familiar with the cocktail menu and Turtle Bay’s well-known happy hour offering, I hadn’t tried the food until recently and now I’m wondering why it took me so long.

It may have been a week night, but my husband and I didn’t hold back as we worked our way through some of the old favourites on the menu, as well as some new additions. From an abundant jerk platter to start, to the brand new Bajan Beef Cheeks and slow-brased beef rib, we delved in to some flavour-packed tastes of the Caribbean, before moving on to the desserts and checking out the new Passion Pie. Like I say, what took us so long?

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